Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strange Training Attempt for German Shepherd

One of the things that keep people interested about dogs is their ability to be tamed and follow simple orders. However, not everyone is contented with what a dog can commonly do with regards to the kind of breed. Other pet lovers went further as to make their dogs perform difficult tricks to the extent that such tricks seem impossible.

One such dog is the German Shepherd.

German Shepherds are commonly known for search and rescue operations. Although in the past, they are used to herd other dogs. They are the kind of breed that usually makes you think about an image of a cop and a police dog patrolling an area.  In addition, German Shepherds were successfully trained to perform human-like behavior like assisting the elderly.

Some pet owners like to train their dogs to perform a simple act for them that makes them further useful than just being placed near gates to guard houses. 

Now, imagine a German Shepherd perform jumping jacks. For sure, that would be hilarious and pretty strange to think about. An unusual attempt perhaps, but it can probably be possible. For sure, it will not be the best among the list of German Shepherd training tips. And the trainer will have no need to wonder on the benefits of jumping jacks for the dog. For the owner, it would seem like a matter of questioning on how far can a pet lover and trainer go for.  From being a herd dog to becoming a police dog as well as capable of assisting sick people, a German Shepherd's potential to upgrade for a more challenging act is not that far from impossible. A weird act as you may take it, but seeing one doing jumping jacks while wagging its tail can just bring the laughs.


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